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Kharkiv, Ukraine

Mas aluminum panels

Everything around us has infinite possibilities of life, meanings and ways to resonate with people. We experiment new technologies and use traditional materials, explore alternative forms of expression, and face the future without losing sight of the past, our access key to understanding how it could or will be.



BENEFITS: practicality, safety, easy to maintain, lightness, strength and resistance: these are the characteristics of aluminum used in Mas for its cladding. A natural and 100% recyclable with the following benefits: practicality: it is light and easy to maintain; safety, because it is strong and resistant.

ECO-SAVING AND SUSTAINABILITY: furthermore, aluminum panels in Mas have the characteristics that today are the main requisite for every kind of product or service: eco-saving and sustainability, features that are necessary in an economic world more and more dedicated to preservation of resources for future generations and to environment respect.

So, Mas panels in aluminum:

• are sustainable, composed of natural and 100% recyclable metal;

• are eco-saving, contributing to thermal insulation and soundproofing, being water-repellent and highly resistant to air and wind.

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