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Kharkiv, Ukraine


Front Doors

Front doors in solid wood and marine plywood, where you can find the charm of Italian design of Mas and the high resistance and capacity of keeping all locations safe.

Visit the “Front doors” section and find out the characteristics of Mas collections, in a great journey in the Italian craftsmanship and its timeless charm.

Solid wood

Front doors covered of strong aesthetic and long-lasting values. Because, as in works of art, the more time passes, the greater their value.


Marine plywood

Durability, resistance to humidity, to weather and atmospheric agents for front doors with restrained weight and unique design.



The two collections have different kinds of the front door internal sections: the Solid Wood Section, characterized by an internal thin layer of insulation in polystyrene, inserted in the wood, and the Marine Plywood Section, characterized by a thicker layer of insulation in polystyrene, to give the effect of the solid wood.

Solid Wood Sectopm

Marine plywood section


Multiple accessories as defenders, hinge covers, aluminum doorsteps, draftproof bars, security cylinders and hinges, to guarantee the maximum security and tranquility in the locations our front doors are installed.


Hinge covers

Aluminium doorsteps

Draftproof bars