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Istituto Giordano, Abruzzo Expo and Polo Palm (Polo d'Innovazione Arredo, Legno e Mobile della Regione Abruzzo) are the three main partners of Mas.
Mas as a company firmly believes in establishing partnership activities with businesses, entities and associations, and over the years we have identified several entities with which to develop partnerships and agreements.

Thanks to a remarkable maturity found in the ability to share and of being able to look far beyond goals such as short-term profit, Mas has managed over time to create a true network of partners.

A growing network of partners

The Abruzzo and Italian economy in general, characterized by strong business fragmentation and made up of numerous SMEs, is finding today through partnership building the strength to take on new competitive challenges that have occurred over the years otherwise precluded to Small and Medium Enterprises due to obvious size and organizational limitations.

Through such partnership scenarios, Mas is succeeding in meeting these challenges, with the goal of increasing its own competencies and growing those of its partners.

Partners Mas

Giordano Institute

The Giordano Institute is one of the technical institutions at the forefront of product testing, certification, research, design and training.

Active for more than 15 years, the Giordano Institute has been promoting quality to industry, offering high value-added services, and supporting companies in all their compliance verification needs.

Abruzzo Expo

Abruzzo Expo was the project developed by the Abruzzo Region for EXPO 2015.

Pivot of the project was Casa Abruzzo, there where all the initiatives planned for the 6 months of EXPO 2015 orbited.

From May 1 to Oct. 31, 2015, at Spazio Fiori Chiari, in the heart of the prestigious Brera district, on one of the city's most charming and pedestrian-friendly streets, a 170-square-meter space with 6 windows, arranged on two levels, was the permanent home of Abruzzo Expo.

Partners Mas
Partners Mas

Palm Polo

The Palm Pole is the Wood, Furniture and Furniture Innovation Pole of the Abruzzo Region.

The Palm Cluster is a consortium corporation formed by a group of 49 independent enterprises in the industry, intended to stimulate innovative activity by encouraging intensive interaction, joint use of facilities and exchange of knowledge and experience, as well as, effectively and concretely contributing to technology transfer, networking and information dissemination among the constituent enterprises of the Palm Cluster itself.

Partners Mas


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