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Kharkiv, Ukraine

Mas system, quality and promptness at Customer’s service

For Mas, everything that surrounds us has innumeral life possibilities, a thousand ways of communicating with different meanings, every time that you meet people.
For Mas, sperimenting the technology modernity is fundamental, and combine it with material tradition, moving towards the research of other expressive forms.
We like to bet on the future, without losing sight of the past, the only access key to understand how the future could be.
Our company has a long and specific experience on the wood production. The careful choice of materials, the attention for details and the support of the most modern technologies help us creating products with the highest quality standards.
Furthermore, the product withstands careful analysis and checkings during all the phases of producing, the same as the raw materials, to guarantee a high quality product.
And, on time, our panels are delivered to destination.

Deliverings and logistics

Our company, active in a continuous improvement of its organization and it performance, collaborates with the prestigious courier TNT Express, that constantly guarantees high results in delivery promptness and service quality.

The exhibiting system

For the exhibiting spaces of our sellers, the Mas exhibiting system, that can contain up to 16 panels, is the best instrument for an organized and functional presentation of our products in every store.

The maintenance kit

Mas suggests to refresh periodically the paint film on the panel. The refreshment consists of applying a new coat of paint on all the surface of the panel. Mas makes available a specific maintenance kit for refreshment and care of the panel.