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Associations & partners,Istituto Giordano, Abruzzo Expo, Polo Palm

Istituto Giordano, Abruzzo Expo and Polo Palm (Innovation Consortium of Wood and Furniture in Abruzzo) sono i tre principali partner di Mas.
Mas company thinks firmly in determination of partnership activities as companies, institutions and associations, and through the years we identified several subjects with which stipulate contracts and agreements.
Thanks to a remarkable maturity about sharing and thinking about something more than short-term profits, along the years Mas could create a real network of partners.
Nowadays Italian and Abruzzo market, characterized by a strong business fragmentation and made by several SMEs, is finding the strenght, thanks to its partnerships, to deal with new competitive challenges along the years, usually precluded to SMEs for size and organizational limits.
Thanks to these partnerships, Mas is winning this challenges, in order to extend its competences and its parters’.

Istituto Giordano

Istituto Giordano is one of the well-advanced technical institution for product testing, certification, research, planning and training.
Operative since 15 years, Istituto Giordano promotes quality in the industry, offering high-quality services and supporting companies in all their needs of compliance test.
Istituto Giordano

Abruzzo Expo

Abruzzo Expo
Abruzzo Expo was the project developed by Abruzzo region for EXPO 2015. House of the project was Casa Abruzzo, where all the initiatives orbited during the 6 months of EXPO 2015.
From 1st May to 31st October, at Spazio Fiori Chiari, in the heart of the prestigious quarter Brera, in one of the most charming streets and with a big flow of walking people, a place of 170sm and 6 shop windows, on two levels, has been the permanent location of Abruzzo Expo.

Polo Palm

Polo Palm is the Innovation Consortium of Wood and Furniture in Abruzzo.
Polo Palm is a consortium made by 49 independent companies in the field, intended to stimulate innovative activity supporting intensive interaction, common installations and exchange of knowledge and experiences, as well as, actually contributing to technology transfers, networking and spreading information along the Polo Palm company partners.
Polo Palm | Polo d'Innovazione Arredo Legno e Mobile della Regione Abruzzo