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Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tradition and dexterity in producing the solid wood and cladding for armored doors

Since 1986 we work solid wood for excellent cladding for armored doors as our reason for living.
30 years of experience for a reality born from tradition, dexterityand producing solid wood. The solid wood is for us a vocation, where there is the centuries-old tradition experience of wood artisans, combined with a consummated ability and a constant experimental research of modern aesthetic solutions through advanced technologies that allow us to give the market unique cladding for armored doors.

From cladding for armored doors to furnishing elements

But it’s since 1988 that Mas starts to think its cladding for armored doors as real furnishing elements, and thanks to the solid wood producing made through artisan models it can connect practicality, solidity and the design elements that have always marked Italian products.
Looking at the past, today those years are sensed as hard work and big results, made by countless satisfied customers and big new creations, born by the competent producing of solid wood.

Solid wood producing still goes on: Mas today

The evolution brings Mas to develop other products, and with the solid wood producing through artisan methods there are new materials for new products: there are, in fact, panels with Marine Plywood, Water-repellent MDF, Real Natural Stone, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Eco-leather, Glass, Copper and PVC.
In these last years, the company has known how to catch peculiarities and characteristics of Solid Wood and of the new materials, creating products with an Italian design and always guaranteeing high-quality standards, as Mas has always had since the beginning.