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Kharkiv, Ukraine

Panels for armored doors

Panels for armored doors and Mas: a story that began 30 years ago.
Since then, our company tends to experimenting new techniques and materials, in order to give birth to new and original forms for its panels for armored doors.
To Mas, wood, a simple and warm material, filled with oriental splendour and ethnic contaminations, is used with naturalness in the modern house and it interprets, with cosmopolitan spirit, the latest design inclinations.

Made in Italy Panels for armored doors

Our panels for armored doors have merits that goes beyond their specific function, becoming symbols of a taste and “well-living” culture.
Italian products are appreciated all over the world for their high workmanships, for the attention for the details, for the unique design and the valued taste, using merits and culture with deep roots in the liberal arts history, of which Italians are the more real and current example. Unique culture and handmade experience, merits on which Mas founded its company, make Italians panels for armored doors the best products in the world.

Pannelli per porte blindate Mas

Mas merits: coherence and humanity

Coerenza| Umanità | Valori Mas
Coherence and humanity are two of the main merits of Mas company.
In fact, one of our key words is coherence, that, reflecting in the outside, allows us to obtain panels for armored doors among the best on the market. It is a global project to inform the whole strategic axis: identified a strong topic, everything has to orbit around it to spread outside, in addition to the product and service quality, a strong and cohesive identity, too.
From these mature awareness of our company, in the end a fundamental element emerges: the human factor that Mas, thanks to it, aims for creating a team of people motivated on doing their job, fundamental part of a big project to realize together.