21 July 2022

Ebe Due: wall-mounted coat hooks to match the pantograph panel

Modernity and technology merge in the tradition of materials in the discovery of new expressive forms, which come to life in the fine panels available in numerous wood types. Ebe Due fits into any ambience, thanks to the oak veneer, lightly stained, with integrated handle, which presents an innovative design and provides a warmly welcoming atmosphere. Mas thinks of everything and of the same version of Ebe offers three wall-mounted coat rack with sinuous and elegant patterns.

Harmony and uniqueness in the Ebe Due pantograph panel

Ebe is a pantographed panel made of MDF or marine-grade parallel-fibre layered wood that fits perfectly in any type of environment. Mas decided to dedicate coordinated wall hangers to the new Ebe models in order to merge functionality and beauty through a winning combination.

The Ebe Uno, Due and Tre coat hooks feature different oak supports that echo the veneer of the pantograph panel, creating a unique harmony in the room that delights sight and touch. Functionality and beauty take shape in the Mas catalogue through the choice of combining the pantographed panels with external accessories to make one's own home environment unique and special.

Refinement, taste and design are the keywords characterising the Ebe Due pantograph panel, which conveys cosiness thanks to the combination of tradition and modernity in its lines. An interplay of shapes, indentations and strength gives warmth and comfort to the home environment. The built-in handle pleases touch and sight thanks to its sinuous, concave shape. In addition, it is possible to request the pantographed panel version with LED, so that even at night the outline of the model is perfectly delineated, allowing the sinuous handle to be easily identified.

Appendiabiti Da Parete Pannello Pantografato

Matching wall hangers

The Ebe wall-hanging models are perfectly matched to their respective pantograph panels precisely to create continuity and harmony within the home.

  •  Ebe Uno : spacious and majestic, this wall-mounted coat rack with eight oak supports is ready to accommodate a wealth of guests thanks to its performing width;
  •  Ebe Due : Ral 9010 with four oak supports echoing the pantographed door panel, it is ready to welcome its guests with harmony and refinement;
  •  Ebe Tre : discreet and unique, with four oak supports, it welcomes with warmth and practicality by playing with its sinuous lines.

Every panel signed Mas communicates different meanings in search of the right answer to its customers' needs. The combination of the panels with accessories is yet another confirmation of how Mas is concerned with the importance of comfort, elegance and harmony within any environment (both exterior and interior), always being on the lookout for new forms of expression.

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