28 March 2023

The Restyling of the Mas Website

With the launch of the new site, Mas wants to tell the story of the company that it is today, expressing the values of design, innovation and luxury. For 30 years we have been producing panels for armoured doors, gates and accessories, combining the tradition of Made in Italy craftsmanship with innovation, now made explicit by the new website entirely created for better consumer navigation. More modern and up-to-date also in terms of technology and graphics.

Main features of the new Mas site

The new MAS website has been designed with the aim of providing the consumer with excellent usability and navigability performance, guaranteeing a customer experience satisfactory. The new site was designed to restilyng tell the company values designed in a simple and user friendly the company's new strategic orientation, and to be able to make it easier for customers to navigate and view all our products, precisely to tailor them to different needs and tastes, through the careful choice of materials and attention to detail and the support of technology.

Mas's new story

Design, innovation and luxury guide us in the production of security door panels. Italian artefacts are appreciated worldwide for their superior workmanship, attention to detail and unique design. In addition, the human factor is a fundamental value with which we aim to build a team of people motivated to do their work, and it is also experimenting with modern technology and combining it with the tradition of materials to go beyond the simple concept of functionality and become a concrete vehicle of a culture of taste and luxury, with an eye to innovations and trends of the moment, satisfying different customer needs.

A user-friendly site with a new graphic design

  The new notice board is geared towards an increasingly informed user thanks to the introduction of the two new sections of values and downloadthrough user-friendly navigation, a reorganised menu and enriched content framed in a new layout of each page, which has been completely customised with ad hoc content and images that are in line with the Brand Identity of Mas, intuitive to navigate through the site in a few simple clicks, optimally viewable via any device the user uses.  

In particular, the new site features the following sections:

  • Products: a new product area has been divided into three further sections in addition to the panel section according to product type and requirements. The section on doors, interior doors and accessories will better help the consumer to find alternative solutions to the options already presented. In addition, as a novelty, a product tab has also been added to the panel section, so that possible variations of each product can be viewed.
  • Materials: in this new area allows the products to be browsed according to the consumer's needs through the material they are made of.i
  • Mas Quality Service: we have opted for a customisation service for all our products in order to tailor them to different needs and tastes, while maintaining product quality and guaranteeing consistently high performance in terms of timely deliveries and quality of service.

Discover the new website now and enter the world of Mas

With the new Mas website, users will now be able to discover an online preview of all the solutions and services dedicated to all wooden security door panels, technical data sheets and browse through materials.

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