20 September 2022

The charm of solid wood door panels

The line of solid wood security door panels of Mas combines the charm of solid wood with the craftsmanship of traditional production proce

Solid wood represents the natural essence par excellence, as it is obtained by processing the raw material. Its particular variety of colours, grains and different levels of intensity comes from different wood species. The closer the solid wood comes from the centre of the trunk, the more valuable it is. This material does not need any special preservative treatments, except for woodworm treatments. 

The advantageous properties of solid wood

Solid wood is a material eco-friendly, as it respects the characteristics of green building and is renewable and recyclable. Is lasting, because it has high durability and stability over time if properly treated with woodworm-proofing and if made of selected prime material. It is a material valuable, capable of making any room warmer and more comfortable, being itself a living, breathing material, and therefore closer to man than any industrial material. Solid wood is light but resistant to bending, traction and compression. Ideal for renovations, thanks to its intrinsic and aesthetic characteristics. It is available in different finishes, from cherry to mahogany, from tulipier to elm.

Mas solid wood security door panels

At Mas we have a long experience in woodworking, guaranteeing a careful choice of materials, attention to detail and state-of-the-art carving technology. Our panels for armoured doors are made in different finishes, each of which expresses the Made in Italy craftsmanship typical of the Mas brand. Solidity and ecological well-being, healthy and precious woods worked with wisdom and skill. Mas has created awide range of panels for solid wood armoured doors, a symbol of Italian design, such as:

  •   Aliseo , is a rusticated solid wood panel framed with curved crossbars;
  •   Arcadia, a rusticated solid wood panel, framed and hand-carved with classical designs;
  •  Campomarzio , is a rusticated, solid wood panel embellished with regular horizontal lines;
  •  Naviglio , is a rusticated, solid wood panel, framed, with traditionally square timber stud construction and frames;
  •   Regolo, a rusticated and framed solid wood panel with stainless steel inserts;
  •   Voluta, is a solid wood panel with a rusticated and framed design.

The eternal charm of solid wood is timeless as it is suitable for elegantly cladding doors in all environments. Its stability and strength can be complemented with metal gratings that are 4 or 6 mm thick and can be painted, corten or stainless steel.

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