4 November 2022

Carved solid wood panels: an all-Italian merit

From the union of art, passion and craftsmanship comes the range of carved solid wood panels from Mas.

Solid wood, thanks to its morphological characteristics, is a high-quality material, it has several properties that make it ideal for the construction of furniture for any environment.
His durability for example: if it is properly treated with woodworm-proofing and made of selected top-grade material, it guarantees stability and solidity over time. Its lightness, combined with the high flexibility, makes it ideal for renovations and even during processing, it preserves all the typical characteristics of living, natural wood: this is why it is also particularly appreciated for its moisture-absorbing capacity, thus creating a balanced and healthy living climate.
Solid wood is also the right choice for those who are particularly environmentally aware, as it is a pure wood to the 100% renewable and recyclable and complies with green building criteria.

Traditional craftsmanship in carved solid wood panels Mas 

Solid wood is a wood of the highest quality. Made from the 'heart' of the trunk, the strongest and most solid part, solid wood is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after materials in the furniture industry due to its refinement and innate charm.
The carved solid wood panels by Mas combine all the versatility and elegance of solid wood with the craftsmanship of the traditional production processes to offer works from the design exclusively Made in Italy, capable of lending warmth to any environment. Each of our panels, made with care and craftsmanship by our team of experts, is a unique creation with great aesthetic impact that will enhance your space.

The range of carved solid wood panels by Mas

Thanks to Mas's experience in the woodworking sector, the selection of the best materials and the use of cutting-edge carving technology, Mas offers a range of solid wood carved panels with unique and sophisticated appeal, such as:

  •   Arcadia: this is a rusticated solid wood panel, framed and hand-carved with classic designs. With finishes in Iroko and Cherry, it has good stability to even high temperature variations.
  •   Puccini: a rusticated solid wood panel, framed and hand-carved in blond stained elm characterised by a floral decoration in the centre.
  •   Stradivari: a rusticated, framed and carved solid wood panel. It features beautiful floral ornaments all over its surface.
  •   Wagner: this is a hand-framed and hand-carved solid wood panel, with a traditionally square nailed and framed construction, with high toughness.

The bold colour of the surface, the presence of evident knots and shading, and the sharpness of the grain give solid wood carved panels an extraordinary timeless beauty and the ability to cover the doors of any room with elegance and refinement!

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