20 July 2022

Our new website is online

sta gamma di prodotto a marchio Mas.

The features of the new website

The new website was graphically designed in order to maximise the enhancement of the Mas brand.
Moreover, following Google's recent guidelines on online navigation, it is equipped with 'Responsive' technology, which makes it easily accessible from all devices from which it can be navigated (PC, smartphone, tablet).

The homepage of the new website

Right from the home page, the website favours an emotional approach with a modern design.
The aim is to enhance the product and its multiple functionalities of use, with particular emphasis on the main features that distinguish it: quality, Italian character, customisation.


"About Mas" section

The 'About Mas' section provides an overview of the company's more than 30-year history in the production of security door panels, always keeping in mind the main values that inspire them: consistency and humanity.
The partnerships held by the company are also adequately valued: at Mas, we believe that without a culture of networking and sharing, corporate organisations are impoverished.
Under the headings 'Photogallery' and 'Doors of the World' it is also possible to view photographic material concerning, on the one hand, images from the various Mas showrooms throughout Europe, and on the other hand, photographs of historical doors and gates that we have encountered in our travels around the world.
The section closes with a page dedicated to our company certifications, which can be downloaded upon request to our staff.

The products: panels, doors and interior doors


The 'Products' section is structured in such a way as to allow high navigability from one product to another and from one collection to another. Within the individual tab, it is possible, by means of the scroll bar at the top, to easily navigate between the various items in the collection.
Thanks to the path at the top of each product sheet, one can also easily return to any part of the website.
Each product sheet is complete and easy to read: on the left side there is an explanatory picture of the product, and on the right side there is a general description, in which the main features of the product are illustrated, indicating, among other things, thickness, woods, finishes and dimensions.

The Materials Section and the Blog

The site ends with the Materials section and the Blog.
As far as materials are concerned, we decided to create sheets describing the characteristics and methods of use of all the materials from which our products are made.
On the other hand, the blog is updated monthly with new products, new offers and relevant company news under the Mas brand.
Mas s.r.l., company located in the Industrial Zone of Montorio al Vomano (TE) wishes you Happy Browsing on the new website!

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