21 July 2022

MAS and its elegant Solid Wood Doors with Metal Grates

For 30 years, Mas has been working in the field of security and elegance with a focus on design and the quality of the materials used to create, with the utmost attention to detail, stylish artefacts that have not only a functional value but also an artistic and cultural value, characteristic of Made in Italy.

Mas produces security door panels that follow and realise the wishes, designs and needs of any home. Charm and elegance know no bounds in the lines and craftsmanship of fine, eco-friendly solid wood doors. Design breaks free in customised lines ready to indulge customers with solid wood panels and metal grilles with a fine and elegant touch. Mas's Alu13 catalogue contains a wide range of refined designer metal gratings that offer harmony and security to rooms. The gratings can be made in two different versions with painted steel or stainless steel. With its solid wood doors, Mas creates true handcrafted works of art with a unique and exclusive design. Solid wood doors evoke the strength and harmony of a stable emotion that gives pleasure to the senses and peace of mind thanks to their essence of protection and guarantee of personal safety.

Elegance and security thanks to the History model with metal grating

As fashion is the eternal return of the new, we propose, in the next Mas catalogue, a restyling of the old solid wood model in vogue in the 1970s, elegant and robust, revisited according to the taste and lines of modern design. The Storia model, in fact, reproduces a stained solid oak panel together with the Loto 1 grille, which gives both elegance and security. Solid wood boasts strong aesthetic and enduring values, as its value increases over time, along with its natural, warm and comfortable appeal. The Loto 1 lattice provides security and protection without renouncing the elegance of its features that reproduce the ancient aquatic flower symbol of purity and beauty. Ancient Italian craftsmanship techniques re-propose great classics of the past using innovative and modern materials.

The quality and essence of fine solid wood doors by MAS

The eternal charm of solid wood is timeless as it is suitable for elegantly cladding doors in all environments. Its stability and strength can be complemented with metal gratings that are 4 or 6 mm thick and can be painted, corten or stainless steel. Solid wood is the wood obtained from the heartwood, i.e. the core of the tree, and Mas offers its customers different types of this natural wood:

  • CHERRY: valuable, compact and robust; 
  • OAK: highly durable and weather-resistant;
  • CHESTNUT: hard, light and especially resistant to moisture;
  • MAHOGANY: originating from the great forests of Central America, it is resistant to pests;
  • IROKO: captures the exotic charm of Equatorial Africa and has good stability to even high temperature ranges;
  • DOUGLAS: American spruce of good workability, re-imported to Europe in 1828;
  • DANIELA WALNUT: typical of Equatorial Africa and particularly decorative;
  • TULIPIER: widespread in the eastern part of the United States, highly workable and stable;
  • PINE: typically European, it responds to highly sustainable behaviour;
  • OLM: one of the heaviest and hardest woods;
  • FIR: acts as an excellent insulator and its exploitation does not damage the forest system.

Furthermore, Mas has always flanked Solid Wood with a multitude of new materials: Marine Plywood, Water-repellent MDF, Natural Real Stone, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Eco-leather, Glass, Copper and PVC. With Mas, technology and tradition come together, realising customers' desires and needs through the analysis and control of all stages of product production, listening to and customising ideas and fantasies that take shape by paying attention to technique, quality and safety. To discover and immerse yourself in the Mas world of art and admire the collection of panels for armoured doors with a modern design, with metal grilles with elegant and innovative features, just browse through the Alu13 catalogue or visit the website. (http://www.maspannelli.com/prodotti/pannelli-porte-blindate/alu13.html)

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