21 July 2022

Discover the original Ecoleather security door panels

To furnish your rooms with style and elegance, discover the Mas faux leather armoured door collection, where sustainability, naturalness and quality take centre stage.

Over the past few years, the theme of eco-sustainability has become increasingly popular even in the world of furnishing, with environmentally friendly articles for homes, offices and other environments. Mas, which has always offered its customers avant-garde solutions that meet the latest market trends and the most innovative aesthetic currents, wanted to create this original collection of eco-leather panels for armoured doors with unique features and characteristics.

The advantages of ecological leather

Ecological leather or eco-leather is a type of leather or hide with a reduced environmental impact, made through a specific production process, in compliance with UNI 11427:2011 and guaranteeing low pollution.

Armoured door panels with faux leather upholstery have a limited use of chemicals and tend to change their natural colour when exposed to light.

The ecological leather used in Mas' security door panels has several advantages:

  •  Softness to the touch;
  •  Ease of cleaning and washing;
  •  Eco-sustainability in the production cycle;
  •  Durability over time.

Mas and its faux leather armoured door panels

Among the models offered by Mas for faux leather armoured door panels are:

  •  Capitonné: water-repellent MDF panel with white faux leather upholstery and double stitching for an elegant and sophisticated style;
Pannelli Porte Blindate Ecopelle
  •  Pyramid: water-repellent MDF panel with almond and dove-colour double-stitched faux leather upholstery in a bold geometric style;
  •  Grid: water-repellent MDF panel with faux leather, overlapping leather and cord upholstery in an original, modern design;
Pannelli Porte Blindate Ecopelle

Let yourself be enchanted by the range of eco-leather door panels in the Mas collection and make your rooms unique and sophisticated.

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