21 July 2022

Mas presents the Kriomas collection: high-quality krion door panels

In the Mas 2018 catalogue there is a special novelty: the Kriomas collection! Krion is a warm and solid material, similar to natural stone, which is an innovative product of the latest generation. Krion Eco-Active Solid Technology, adopted by Mas for its exclusive panels, presents the revolutionary leap made by Krion in the world of Solid Surface, as it gives the material numerous new properties, based on the natural phenomenon of photocatalysis.

The revolutionary Krion door panels

Mas has decided to include this revolutionary technology in its new 2018 catalogue through a special collection of high-quality panels made entirely of Krion. The secret of the new technology in Krion Eco-Active lies in the incorporation throughout the product of a series of activators, specially developed for Krion, that impart new properties to the surface:

  •  Air purification;
  •  Antibacterial power;
  •  Self-cleaning and elimination of chemicals;
  •  Resistant to impact and outdoor environments;
  •  Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

The high-quality Krion door panel collection by Mas is in perfect harmony with nature thanks to this long-lasting material that has a direct effect on quality of life. Krion, which excels in comparison to other similar materials, is available in a wide range of colours including a pure, neutral white finish. Moreover, it is a totally environmentally friendly material that can be reprocessed and reused in the production cycle. Krion sheets can be cut, joined or thermoformed into curved pieces and, by injection moulding, create unique and inimitable shapes and designs.

The new Kriomas collection by Mas

The models in the Kriomas collection presented by Mas reflect elegance, uniqueness and innovation, such as the white Krion panels:

Pannelli Porte Krion
  •  Kriomas Alan: it presents an elegant and sober geometric order through a linear and modern design;
  •  Kriomas Altea: a floral motif with soft, undulating curves reflects and lends sinuosity to the domestic environment;
  •  Kriomas Alba: a gentle conflict between the rigid vertical lines of the white panel and the sinuous, welcoming rounded handle creates a modern and innovative design;
  •  Kriomas Grafema: a panel clad in Krion 9104 white concrete, finished with elegant graphic shapes that create a perfectly geometric design.
  •  Kriomas Ebe (uno, due, tre e quattro): is a panel with white Krion cladding that can be presented, depending on the model chosen, with the 6704 navy blue, 6601 fall green, 6405 happy red or black aluminium insert, adding a touch of colour and liveliness to the purity of pure white;
Pannelli Porte Krion

The panels of the Kriomas collection by Mas reflect the professionalism, elegance and

the quality of door panels exclusively made in Italy. Leafing through the new 2018 Mas catalogue, one can see how the panels of the Kriomas collection represent the cutting edge of technology applied to a design capable of making any environment unique. Resistance, durability, low maintenance and easy cleaning: all these features are present in the panels of the Kriomas collection that offers Mas customers the opportunity to choose from a wide range of shapes, lines and colours ready to delight the eyes and touch.

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