13 July 2022

Innovative materials for MAS Armoured Door Panels and Doors

The spaces we inhabit are not just places to rest or work, but are environments that hold an atmospheric charge capable of arousing emotions, inspiring and motivating. The home is the place of the heart, a place to raise one's family with love and security, a place to find shelter from the cold, in which to refresh oneself and witness the passing of the seasons and the change of life.

Mas believes in this vision of the domestic environment, understanding that the places we frequent are more than just spaces in which to spend our time. This is why Mas understands and exalts the importance of a modern design that embraces the environment, endowing it with beauty, comfort and safety, always paying constant attention to the choice of innovative materials in order to guarantee resistance over time and maximum versatility of use. The door is the first visiting card of any home and that is why it plays a fundamental role, as it encapsulates the soul of the structure. Mas is at the service of its customers by manufacturing practical and modern doors with special attention paid to the choice of elements and materials to offer maximum comfort and security. Armoured doors and gates have never been so varied in form, appearance and material precisely to meet the demands and needs of customers who, increasingly in step with the times, encounter new trends and styles.

The quality of the innovative materials used by Mas for its panels

The quality, professionalism and experience of Made in Italy by Mas are embodied in the creation of panels for armoured doors and gates made from unique and innovative materials. In fact, the panels for armoured doors are made of ten different materials, each of which expresses the Made in Italy craftsmanship of the Mas brand. The quality and innovation of these precious materials include:

Copper: a pinkish metal with high thermal and electrical conductivity, resistant to corrosion and with excellent antibacterial properties, capable of ennobling any dwelling. It is ductile and malleable, resistant and protective, as well as being able to reduce the proliferation of micro-organisms on surfaces that often come into contact with humans. Its peculiarity is that it continuously changes the colour of its surface over time, thanks to the oxidation process. It withstands cold and heat and does not age!

The Natural Genuine Stone: unique for its infinite colour variations, it is a rock with a varied mineralogical composition, used both as a building material and for decoration. Many Mas pantograph panels use this material in their inserts because the stone is robust and wear-resistant. Moreover, it improves its appearance over time, becoming more and more fascinating.

Gres: resistant to weathering, fire in case of fire and breakage due to temperature changes. Hard, compact and waterproof.

Bronze: is an alloy consisting of copper and tin that revolutionised the world of antiquity thanks to its strength and hardness. It has a high resistance to corrosion, guaranteeing a long service life. It is a very rigid material that guarantees stability and safety.

Mas and its panels for armoured doors and gates with innovative material

Materiali Innovativi Pannelli Porte Blindate Portoni

Mas offers different collections and product types and contributes to enriching the armoured door and gate panel sector every day, offering its customers a wide choice of solutions capable of bringing together quality and current trends. Mas succeeds in creating an original dialogue between modernity and tradition, design and profound knowledge of materials, love of art and deep-rooted passion for craftsmanship, exploring the evolution of contemporary taste. Not only wood, therefore, but innovative materials of unique design and quality that can be explored in the new Mas collections by simply consulting the site. In addition, Mas provides the possibility of making any customised model to design.

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