21 July 2022

Elegant indoor and outdoor partitions by Mas

Discretion, elegance and harmony are the key words that describe the indoor and outdoor partitions in the Mas catalogue.

Unmistakable and inimitable, the original Mas partitions give with discretion and stile a proper privacy and confidentiality to the most diverse indoor and outdoor environments. From the office to the backyard, Mas has thought of everything! Uniquely designed and refined room dividers transform and personalise any space in line with personal taste and needs. Mas partitions create new magical spaces by carving out the surroundings in a flexible and versatile way.

Mas room dividers: versatile and refined

Separe Ambienti Interni Esterno

Mas offers a diverse range of room dividers that echo the patterns of its security door panels to create a perfect match inside or outside one's domestic and non-domestic spaces. Among the various models in the Mas catalogue we can find:

  •  Trabucco Separé: harmonious pantograph that draws a modern and innovative dense network with its irregular lines;
  •  Etere Uno Separé: pantograph with a unique design characterised by a play of lines that is perfectly suited to divide any type of space as required;
  •  Linfa Separé: pantograph with sinuous and agile lines, suitable for any kind of open and spacious environment;
  •  Impeto Separé: already the name introduces us to a vehemence of sinuous lines that establish themselves discreetly and elegantly within closed or open spaces;
Separe Ambienti Interni Esterno
  •  Goccia Separé: a pantographed panel that in its name and fantasy recalls the fluidity of water;
  •  K10 Separé: smooth inlaid veneered MDF panel with a modern pattern;
  •  Quadrilobo due Separé: geometrical plays define this innovative pantograph rich in contrasts between the fluidity and rigidity of its numerous portholes;
  •  Loto Uno Separé: it features designs that recall the famous plant, creating a perfect link between nature and modern design;
  •  Loto Due: this version of Lotus also features natural elements, with designs reminiscent of the famous plant in a more circular form;
  •  Linfa Cinque Separé: pantograph with sinuous lines that pays homage to nature with plays of light/dark leaves.
Separe Ambienti Interni Esterno

Each Mas partition has modifiable features that can be evaluated depending on the location. In addition, the various models available can be ordered in marine plywood or metal. No matter if it is a public place, an outdoor space or your own living room at home: Mas is able to offer and adapt its partitions to every need and requirement. The advantage of using room dividers indoors and outdoors is to be able to create new spaces with minimum effort and maximum originality.

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