21 July 2022

Choose the best metal gratings for security door panels

Mas armoured door panels enriched with metal gratings are synonymous with elegance, refinement and unique lightness. The metal gratings in the new Mas catalogue in fact boast great aesthetic prestige, abandoning the heaviness of iron and giving preciousness, brightness and security to their structure.

Panels for armoured doors with metal grilles in the Mas catalogue

In the new Mas catalogue you can admire the numerous models of metal gratings to match solid, multilayer and aluminium security door panels. Each model has unique features that are perfectly adaptable to any type of material. Browsing through the catalogue you will be able to see various panels for armoured doors with metal grilles, including:

  •  Storia/Loto 1: oak panel with Loto 1 latticework with sinuous lines that recall the delicate aquatic flower, lending elegance and preciousness to rooms;
  •  Teramo/Etere 1: panel for armoured door with metal grille with supple figures that recall gracefulness and softness;
  •  Chieti/Astro: security door panel with a kaleidoscopic design, providing brightness and security at the same time.
Grate Metalliche Pannelli Porte Blindate

The new Mas catalogue and the different models of metal gratings

The metal grating door panels presented by Mas boast a precious and refined design, adaptable to any taste and requirement. There are numerous types of grating that can be browsed through the new catalogue: from square metal gratings to rectangular and rounded ones. All available in stainless steel, corten steel or powder coated in various Ral colours.

Astro, Rombo, Trabucco, Etere, Loto and many other models and patterns of metal grilles are present among the pages of the catalogue to satisfy every need and desire in terms of security and design with innovative aesthetics, creating the most varied combinations of grilles and panels!

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