24 January 2023

Discover furnishing trend 2023 in Mas panels!

With the start of the new year, even in the world of furniture, we are seeing the reconfirmation of established trends and the birth of new ones. Furnishing in 2023 will give great space to increasingly personal and cosy environments, we will open up spaces, we will see many natural references with materials such as wood and warm colours and soft shapes. Elements such as the door, from the point of view of room design, will only work well if it marries the trends of the moment and if it is consciously included within the furnishing style.

Mas is constantly looking for new inspirations for the realisation of solutions combining design, innovation and quality raw materials, in order to ensure unique style panels for armoured doors. The extensive collection of Mas security door panels includes different product lines in numerous materials and colours, following current trends.

Let's take a detailed look at the main furnishing trends that will accompany us this year and some of the Mas products that reflect them.

Trendy furniture colours 2023

The preference for neutral, cosy shades inspired by nature is set to continue in 2023. In addition to earthy, calming colours such as blues, greens and browns, warmer nuances such as caramel, various shades of red and coral will be added. This year, colours will be more saturated and go beyond matte finishes. There is talk of ultramarine blues, glossy woods of all kinds, and gold details. Striped decoration is already taking hold and fabric textures are becoming richer and bolder. Like K5, Mas' armoured door panel made of smooth inlaid veneered MDF in moss green ash and green ash with Capri ivory tulipier inserts.

References to the world of nature

The trend of integrating nature into indoor and outdoor environments will continue to prevail in the choice of materials. People will increasingly tend to surround themselves with natural objects in the home, in stone, plant fibres, metals and of course wood. What better time to choose a wooden door panel? The Parkor security door panel from Mas is a solid wood panel that enhances the cosy design typical of wood.

Environments that open up

There is an increasing need to open up spaces by means of large transparent glass windows, sometimes as wide as a wall and as high as the ceiling, or glass doors, in favour of the idea of an 'open', wide-open environment. The door panel K10 by Mas is a screen-printed glass panel that lends brightness to any room in which it is inserted.

Now that you know all the furnishing trends of 2023, all you have to do is choose your favourite doors, complements and furniture to furnish indoor or outdoor spaces according to your tastes and needs, always in the name of design and comfort!

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