21 July 2022

Discover handles for armoured doors from Mas!

The handles for armoured doors are pull handles that allow doors and gates to be opened by pushing, or pulling them towards the user. There are handles of many different shapes and colours on the market.

The extensive collection of accessories for all needs is synonymous with the attention to detail that distinguishes Mas: the possibility of choosing accessories for doors and gates allows you to create a tailor-made, unique and complete product, perfect for interior and exterior decoration.

Maniglioni Porte Blindate

The Mas security door handle collection

Functionality and design are the keywords that describe the handles for armoured doors in the Mas catalogue.

Mas armoured door handles are unique design pieces with original geometric shapes, which can be adapted to both aluminium and wooden panels in a modern or contemporary style.

Each handle, whether for doors or security doors, fits easily into the furnishing style of the house, satisfying even the most discerning tastes.

Maniglioni Porte Blindate 1

Below we briefly present the Mas security door handles, all available in different colours and sizes:

  •   Barra: handle for armoured doors consisting of a horizontal line
  •   Bowie: handle inspired by the name and shape of David Bowie's famous lightning bolt
  •   Duna: vertical solution from modern lineegeometrics 
  •   Ethno e Ethno 1: geometry reminiscent of a flock of birds
  •   Grabenca: handle for armoured doors consisting of a vertical line
  •   Rianca: round handle that creates a dichurve play
  •   Onda: horizontal geometry reminiscent of a sea wave
  •   Pacman, Pacman 2, Pacman 3: a line of door handles for armoured doors inspired by the cute 80s cult video game
  •   Penrose, Penrose 2: a triangular shape with a modern design
  •   Trabucco: the armoured door handle that recalls the nets of Abruzzo's famous coastal trabocchi

Now that you know the handles for armoured doors of Mas, you just have to choose your favourites to complete your environments and make them unique!

Maniglioni Porte Blindate

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