14 March 2023

Discover the pantone colour of the year in Mas security door panels!

This year's pantone colour is also powerful and hugely inspiring in the world of furniture and especially doors. It is an animated and joyful unconventional red that promotes experimentation and unlimited self-expression.

PANTONE 18-1750 Viva Magenta welcomes all those who feel the same verve for life and have the same rebellious spirit, but also matches the more muted shades. It is a bold, bold and inclusive colour that will increasingly dominate the scene during 2023.

As a shaded crimson red hue that presents a balance between warm and cool, PANTONE 18-1750 Viva Magenta is also a hybrid colour, travelling seamlessly between the physical and the virtual in our multidimensional world. PANTONE 18-1750 Viva Magenta exudes dynamism and is a transformative red tone that can promote a more positive future in design.

In the world of furniture, there are those who boldly exploit the full power of viva magenta in important furnishing elements such as security door panels. But colour is also powerful in small doses and there are those who use it as a touch of colour to make their rooms more trendy.

Mas panels in the colour Viva Magenta

The viva magenta shares the same boundless 'spirit' of the Mas panel finishes, which can be produced in numerous colour and material variants according to requirements. Below we present some of the Mas security door panels that can be produced in viva magenta.

  •   Jeans is a pantographed MDF panel with irregular inserts in Jeans fabric. In the cream variant it matches perfectly with other furnishing accessories in the colour viva magenta.
  •   Cervinia is a pantographed MDF panel with oak inserts in a modern geometry. In powdery shades, it creates a very cosy atmosphere together with the vivid magenta.
  •   DNA is a pantographed MDF panel with hexagonal oak inserts. Even in cooler shades of blue-grey, it matches with vivid magenta, creating original ambiences.


The viva magenta can be combined with a wide palette of colours.

Greys and browns together with vivid magenta offer an evergreen combination, always fashionable and never predictable. In a palette dominated by cold colours, the vigour of purple red brings a warm and unexpected note: the perfect gamble to break the mould and revolutionise the most classic combinations.

The combination of the pantone colour with the deep tones of peacock blue, on the other hand, creates a colour wave that does not go unnoticed thanks to the vibrant energy of the red hues. The meeting of blue and red, against all expectations, results in a perfect juxtaposition of warm and cold, of calmness and vivacity.

The combination of teal green becomes pure energy thanks to magenta, which brightens and invigorates the other nuances. Pastel shades, such as light grey, also create just the right contrast to the vivid magenta.

Numerous Mas models are available in both viva magenta and matching colours. Discover the entire collection on our website: https://www.maspannelli.com/prodotti.html 

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