21 July 2022

Corten steel entrance door panels by Mas

A timeless, timeless style reminiscent of a precious, ageless rust. These are the characteristics of corten steel often used in architecture, construction and art.

Its elegant appearance displays a strong resistance to weathering and corrosion, revealing an impeccable longevity that gives it a modern, contemporary appeal. Mas offers Corten steel doors that feature contemporary features with an innovative and original design. Smooth rust-coloured finishes, recalling a vintage and contemporary touch, characterise linear and modern doors with a contemporary and sophisticated design.


Corten steel is a 'self-protecting' material because during the oxidation process it covers itself with a patina composed of a porous outer layer and a very thin, waterproof inner layer. Mas offers corten steel doors with an elegant and modern style, ready to clad the most chic interiors with a modern and warm touch. Corten not only resists corrosion but also acquires a lived-in look over time, giving a cosy and warm feel to any domestic environment. This type of steel was patented in 1933 by the American United States Steel Corporation and is subject to a phenomenon of self-healing, maintaining continuous protection thanks to a surface patina that, if nicked or scratched, activates the oxidation of the steel that produces a new protection ready to last unaltered over time.

I Pannelli Per Porte In Acciao Corten Firmate Mas


Mas proposes elegant Corten steel doors ready to warm up, with an old and contemporary flavour at the same time, your home, making it even more welcoming and comfortable. Mas's seriousness, experience and competence combine in the new catalogue of interior doors, proposing high quality products. Among the wide selection on offer are also corten door panels, such as:

  • Metallika: an internal access made of metal materials other than classic aluminium precisely to increase the feeling of warmth and comfort through the use of copper and corten.

Even within materials closely linked to the earth, such as stone, corten steel inserts give a touch of lightness and quality to doors by Mas. Corten can be the protagonist of a creative encounter not only in domestic interiors but can blend art and history in sinuous lines and warm colours ready to connect and fit into outdoor environments. This is why Mas will soon reveal an outdoor line entirely dedicated to corten steel.

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