21 July 2022

Corten steel for Mas original security door panels

From art, to construction, to architecture, corten steel has become a very popular material in recent years, even making its way into the furniture industry.

Mas, which has always followed trends from the world of design, combining them with innovation and quality in its products, has chosen to produce an entire collection of corten steel security door panels with a unique and original style.

Characteristics of corten steel

Corten steel is a newly discovered metal patented in the 1930s in the United States and is characterised by the phenomenon of 'self-generation'. This material in fact, during the oxidation process, becomes coated with a patina composed of a porous outer layer and a thin impermeable inner layer. Generally speaking, this coating forms in about 18-36 months and its colour varies from an initial orange to a reddish-brown shade, a colour defined as rust that gives the material not only an aesthetic but also a protective effect.

Self-healing therefore ensures continuous protection of Corten, making it a 'living' metal because, if the surface patina is nicked or scratched, the oxidation process of the steel is immediately reactivated and rebuilds new protection.

In addition to not corroding, corten steel is a recyclable product that fits into any environment and acquires a lived-in look over time.

Corten steel security door panels by Mas

Mas has launched a line of corten steel security door panels with a vintage yet contemporary feel that characterises this peculiar material and gives a warm and contemporary touch to rooms.

In the dedicated line, Mas combines the charm of corten steel, in natural or oxidised finish, with original designer handles:

  •  Amiternum: elegant corten steel panel with Trabucco handle, a modern hexagon reminiscent of the nets of the famous coastal trabocchi;
  •  Verulae: corten steel panel with sober lines and a circle-shaped handle with a minimalist touch;
  •  Volsci: sophisticated corten steel panel with Ethno 1 handle evoking the profile of an inverted Egyptian pyramid;
  •  Aureus: refined corten steel panel with Duna handle that recalls the shape of dunes in the desert.
Acciaio Corten Pannelli Porte Blindate

Make the style of your entrance more welcoming and original by choosing one of the models in the Mas line of corten steel security door panels.

Click below and browse the entire catalogue!

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