21 July 2022

Discover the Rilievo line: copper and alluminium panels for armoured doors

The new Alu13 catalogue from Mas never ceases to amaze, offering its customers the right answer to the most diverse needs and aesthetic tastes. Design, refinement and elegance characterise the armoured door panels by Mas. But taste and aesthetic pleasure are not everything. In fact, Mas is synonymous with professionalism and quality, guaranteeing attractive and resistant panels for armoured doors that convey reliability, safety and protection, while respecting the canons of lightness, brightness and practicality. All these qualities can be found in the Rilievo line of the new Alu13 catalogue.

Rilievo is the line of aluminium panels for armoured doors that adds depth to your home, presenting unique and original details. The design, impeccable in its various patterns, adapts to any environment. From the majestic front door to the simple but prestigious private entrance, interior and exterior doors take on a unique charm thanks to the relief details that give the right particularity to enrich one's domestic and professional environments in a refined and exclusive way.

Rilievo's original aluminium panels for armoured doors

Aluminium with its special properties offers the advantage of being a light but oxidation-resistant metal. Thanks to the formation of a very thin oxide layer, which prevents oxygen from corroding the underlying metal, aluminium preserves its surface intact, which can also be treated with anodic or protective oxidation, or alternatively aesthetically.

Rilievo aluminium panels for security doors from Mas are versatile, lightweight, with high thermal and electrical conductivity and low radiating power. In addition, the aluminium panels offer security and stability thanks to their easy maintenance and robustness. From an eco-sustainable perspective, these panels are also highly energy-saving, contributing to thermal and acoustic insulation, and are water-repellent and highly resistant to weather conditions such as air and wind. Aluminium is also a natural metal and 100% recyclable!

The various models present different details full of elegance and refinement thanks to the original embossed gauges, which with disparate patterns give the right uniqueness to every style.

Pannelli Alluminio Rame Porte

The Lachesi model

One of the most original models is Lachesi, an armoured door panel available in both aluminium and burnished copper. The thick pattern, whose sinuous circumferences seem to recall the ancient wheel of fortune, plays with elegant reliefs and overlaps. The aluminium gives a touch of freshness and lightness, while the burnished copper offers a reference to tradition in a rustic and warm elegance.

Rilievo line: from aluminium to copper panels for armoured doors

The various models in the Rilievo line are therefore also available as copper panels for armoured doors! This practical and versatile metal offers a variety of solutions that, like aluminium, always have quality, robustness and security features. The reliefs, which with sinuous shapes and lines play in an explosion of originality and elegance on the surfaces, can vary in their colouring thanks to the metal used.

Copper, with its pinkish or reddish colour, is perfectly suited to environments that mix modern design and tradition. In fact, copper was a widely used metal in antiquity precisely because of its characteristics. It is easily recyclable, and its scrap has a high recovery value. Moreover, it has high electrical and thermal conductivity, boasting unique antibacterial properties. Highly resistant to corrosion, copper is one of the few 'coloured' metals with exceptional aesthetic features that can unleash their full potential with reliefs that are sweet to the eye and to the touch!

So, the Rilievo line has many facets to satisfy any request and need. From the most varied patterns to the strongest metals. Copper and aluminium accompany the panels for armoured doors in the Rilievo line from the catalogue to the complete realisation of your dream door!

Pannelli Alluminio Rame Porte

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