21 July 2022

Mas: the elegance of copper security door panels

Mas never ceases to surprise its customers with its uniquely designed, elegant and innovative security door panels. The materials used by Mas boast strong resistance and durability over time, giving security and stability to domestic environments. From solid wood to stainless steel, from stone to glass, Mas materials continue to amaze with their many unmistakable patterns suited to any environment. The wide range of panels for armoured doors offered by Mas is able to satisfy every need, giving comfort and making places more welcoming and secure.

In the panorama of door panels and panelling, copper represents a unique product in terms of both design and material. History and antiquity testify to the use of copper in toolmaking as far back as 8,700 B.C. and it has always been an essential material for mankind. Its advantages stem from the ease with which it can be moulded, bent and shaped into many complex forms. Thanks to a thin layer of oxidation that forms on the surface, it proves to be a corrosion-resistant material and therefore of excellent use for panels for armoured doors for foreign use, such as the Shanghai model. Its pinkish/reddish colour provides warmth and comfort and is also perfectly suited for interior environments due to its thermal and electrical conductivity and antibacterial properties. A unique characteristic of copper is its ability to change colour continuously over time, thanks to the oxidation of its surface, creating unique security door panels as no two products can be the same.

Mas models of copper security door panels

Copper is a material that never tires and never disappoints thanks to its properties and characteristics. Mas offers various models of copper security door panels that can satisfy even the most demanding customers. Copper has been used for centuries to make weapons, tools and ornaments and was also used in construction by the Greeks and Romans. 

Rame Pannelli Porte Blindate

Sole: its patterning creates a unique and comfortable atmosphere that directs sight and touch towards the panel's charming centre, which features sinuous, elegant handles;

Sole 2: the design presents a convoy of emotions that recalls an explosion of elegance;

Aria: copper enters into an aesthetic conflict thanks to opposing lines that seem to recall the combination of rationality and chaos. Suitable for sophisticated and cosy environments;

Rame Pannelli Porte Blindate

Optical: this is a panel with a refined design that captivates with its neat dichotomy of rigid lines adorning a gleaming copper;

Fiamma: a panel with sinuous lines that seem to recall the movement of fire flames. Simple and attractive;

Terra: a security door panel with a unique and original elegance and design. Its reddish colour and patterning make it cosy and sumptuous. In addition, its splendid handles contribute to the royalty and grandeur of your home;

Rame Pannelli Porte Blindate

Oceano: an imposing panel perfect for important exteriors with a unique and eclectic taste;

Lachesi Rame: the refined and meticulously detailed design gives the panel a unique aesthetic through an interplay of lines and circles that sinuously meet and collide, creating a sublime domestic fantasy;

Cardo Rame: it presents an interplay of shapes and lines that captivates and delights the eyes.

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