21 July 2022

Stone panels for exteriors: real natural stone cladding from Mas

The strength, stability and beauty of a primitive yet modern material characterise the new line of stone panels for armoured doors by Mas. Nature and simplicity enter the domestic environment thanks to the delicate and refined touch of stone, which warmly clads outdoor panels. In fact, Mas' stone cladding for exteriors is the top of the range in door panels thanks to its mineralogical composition that allows it to resist atmospheric agents. Wind, water and sun are therefore not to be feared if you have a door clad in stone as this material, both for construction and decoration, possesses all the properties to guarantee stability and durability over time.

Mas and the properties of natural stone

Natural stone gives rooms a special feeling of naturalness and elegance. Being a primordial material, it gives, to touch and sight, the emotion of simplicity, order and harmony. In fact, any irregularities in veining, colour and tone are not to be considered defects but rather unique and exclusive properties of the pure and true material. Natural stone is not afraid of water and rain and is not affected by moisture, ice and wind, remaining immune to mould and insects. Its special characteristics are strength, resistance and thermal conductivity.

Pannelli Pietra Esterni Rivestimenti

The Mas outdoor stone panel line

Mas offers its customers a line of panels for armoured doors clad in real natural stone with unique characteristics and an elegant and refined design, suitable for any type of environment. In the new Mas catalogue you can find some models that encapsulate the idea of simplicity and harmony typical of natural stone:

  •  Monica : the antiquity of stone takes on new forms with this black stoneware panel with aluminium insert featuring a modern and refined design;
  •  Vulcano: an explosion of order enclosed in its geometric shapes thanks to the Trabucco handles that stand out against a slate background;
  •  Vesuvio: a Mystic stone panel with stainless steel inserts that evokes a new and elegant primitive atmosphere with modern and natural tones;
  •  Stone: a horizontal open-pore white lacquered oak panel with a slate stone insert creates a contrast of rigid and sinuous lines that recall originality and refinement;
  •  Genesis: special, artistic and elegant is the wenge-stained oak veneer panel with red stone inserts. Unique and inimitable in its style.

So Mas wanted to include, in its new 2018 catalogue, a precious and original line dedicated to natural stone precisely to expand the offer with a versatile and innovative material, capable of satisfying any request and need, proposing unique and original solutions. With Mas outdoor stone panels, not only safety and resistance are guaranteed, but also the elegance and modernity of an innovative and characteristic design.

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