21 July 2022

The uniqueness of bronze in Mas security door panels

When you open a Mas door, a thousand possibilities always open up, new environments and magical atmospheres that welcome your guests with warmth and uniqueness. A door can tell different stories inspired by the past or anticipating the future, thanks to top quality materials ready to satisfy the most diverse requests and the most extravagant desires without losing sight of the professionalism and peculiarities of the materials selected. Thus the modernity of technologies merges with the tradition of materials, discovering new expressive forms that Mas proposes in its new catalogue, such as the use of metal cladding for certain models of armoured door panels.

The quality of Mas metal-clad panels

A new entry among Mas claddings is in fact the metal line, characterised by a peculiar resistance and a unique design that highlights the values and culture of the original made in Italy. Metals are frequently used in architecture and are often employed to create exteriors thanks to their performative capacities and resistance to atmospheric agents. Another peculiarity of metals is the variety of colours and shades that allow for very striking visual effects in relation to the context in which they operate.

Past and future merge in bronze security door panels

Mas, aware of the advantages of using metal materials in security door panels, offers its customers a wide range of choices, ranging from stainless steel to copper. The particular protagonist of this new collection of panels for armoured doors is bronze. The latter is highly resistant to corrosion and has been used in architecture since Roman times. Thus, Mas fuses tradition and innovation in a historical material that contains technology and culture within its bonds. Also interesting and suggestive are the interactions with light that can characterise bronze security door panels. In addition to stability and structural rigidity, bronze shows strong resistance to corrosion and a long service life. In Mas' new metal line you can choose and admire some innovative bronze panels including:

  • • Cerranum: antique bronze panel that blends modernity and tradition thanks to a clear, linear design and warm, welcoming tones;
Bronzo Pannelli Porte Blindate Rivestimento Metallo
  • • Hatria: door panel in copper-plated bronze, characterised by simple, schematic shapes and lines that make your entrance the star of the space, thanks to a special brightness and elegance;
  • • Rosburgo: a classic bronze designed for those who love tradition and simplicity without renouncing the uniqueness of innovative elegance.

Bronze is thus configured as an eternal material, capable of uniting different eras, histories and cultures, preserving its unique and inimitable characteristics. In the new Mas catalogue you can find classic and modern lines, meeting diverse tastes and styles, through elegant and refined models. Mas, thanks to its bronze armoured door panels, is ready to give a touch of uniqueness to interior and exterior environments, combining professionalism, quality and aesthetics.

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