21 July 2022

New aluminium panels for security doors: coming soon Alu13 2019

Mas is constantly searching for new functional and original solutions that increasingly meet the demands and needs of its customers. Its panels for armoured doors encapsulate refinement, style and resistance in a unique and inimitable design. Expanding the offer will be the arrival of the new Alu13 2019 catalogue dedicated only to panels with aluminium cladding!

The new aluminium panels for armoured doors enrich the range offered by Mas, which aims at modern and functional design. Mas offers its customers practical and safe aluminium, copper or PVC-coated panels that guarantee high water repellency, environmental friendliness and energy saving.

The advantages of aluminium panels for Mas security doors

Aluminium used in security door panels provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Thanks to its exceptional properties, aluminium is used for the most diverse objects: roofs, windows, cars, boats, etc. Its lightness reveals an apparent fragility as aluminium is unbreakable and corrosion-resistant. Besides being a good thermal conductor, it is easy to handle and is easily recyclable (about 30% of the world's aluminium production comes from recovered metal). Aluminium panels for security doors protect against:

  •  Light: they reflect both visible light and heat;
  •  Air: having excellent corrosion resistance and durability, its silver-grey appearance is due to a thin layer of oxidation that forms rapidly when exposed to air and which precisely prevents corrosion by blocking the passage of oxygen to the aluminium underneath;
  •  Moisture;
  •  Foreign odours and micro-organisms.
Pannelli Alluminio Porte Blindate

The panels that will be featured in the new Alu13 2019 catalogue possess and offer all these characteristics, without altering the interior environment and giving it all the comfort of a safe and refined space.

Soon the new Alu13 2019 catalogue signed Mas

A small preview of the new catalogue will soon be available and you will be able to admire the elegant and functional panels suitable for all needs and requirements.
One of the new aluminium panels for armoured doors by Mas features stainless steel and aluminium inserts in relief, playing with rigid perpendicular lines that give order, grandeur and majesty. The exclusive design seems to merge tradition and modernity in a single panel, which also guarantees security and impermeability.

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