21 July 2022

Elegance and Innovation in the New Spazzolati Line from Alu13

The collection of aluminium security door panels in Alu13's new catalogue is an inexhaustible source of ideas and inspiration for adding a refined and unique touch to the décor of your interior and exterior spaces.

So many models in the most varied colours and shapes that find their common denominator in aluminium, the key raw material of this collection, known for its countless advantages such as water repellency, resistance to various atmospheric agents such as wind and air, and eco-friendliness due to its being 100% recyclable.

Features of Mas' spazzolati aluminium security door panels

Among the countless proposals in the Alu13 catalogue is the Spazzolati line, consisting of elegant panels for armoured doors in brushed aluminium.

As the name itself recalls, these models are in fact characterised by this particular finish aimed at eliminating the surface imperfections of aluminium and giving it a satin finish, reminiscent of other materials.

Brushed aluminium combined with stainless steel and wood inserts makes the door panels of the Brushed line suitable for both indoor use in homes and outdoor use in apartment buildings.

Discover the panels for armoured doors in the Spazzolati line

Below are some of the most distinctive models in Alu13's Spazzolati Line:

Pannelli Alluminio Porte Blindate
  •  Gioval: aluminium security door panel in satin sand MT18 with satin light MT17 insert and two stainless steel inserts giving it a clean but sophisticated appearance;
  •  Martinal: aluminium panel for armoured doors in satin dark MT18 divided into 3 parts by 2 stainless steel inserts creating a geometric play with elegant lines;
  •  Mercurial: aluminium security door panel in satin dark MT16 with bronze MT13 vertical band and 5 stainless steel inserts blending the classic with the modern;
Pannelli Alluminio Porte Blindate
  •  Veneral: elegant black security door panel with satin light MT17 central strip and two stainless steel inserts;
  •  Plutonal: aluminium panel for armoured doors in satin dark MT16, with a black central band with a refined touch and 6 stainless steel inserts.

The high quality of the raw material, the refined design and the constant search for innovative materials and solutions make Mas door panels a safe choice for anyone who wants to furnish their rooms with taste, skilfully combining tradition and modernity.

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