21 July 2022

Accordi Line: discover aluminium panels for armoured doors

The Mas Alu13 catalogue blends tradition and new technologies, offering aluminium panels for armoured doors with a unique and inimitable design. The wide range of proposals in the Alu13 catalogue appeals to all tastes and satisfies every need thanks to the rich collection of panels suitable for any type of environment.

Aluminium is a strong and durable element that has some advantageous features, especially when used in door cladding. In addition to being a natural metal and totally recyclable, aluminium boasts practicality and lightness, ensuring easy maintenance and a high level of safety thanks to its strength and resistance.

Features of the Accord line in the Alu13 catalogue

The Accordi Line in Mas' Alu13 catalogue boasts a wide range of aluminium models with a unique and elegant design. Mas' aluminium panels for armoured doors are environmentally friendly and contribute to thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as being highly resistant to weather conditions such as air and wind. Thus, the Accordi Line models with aluminium panels for armoured doors are perfect for outdoor and indoor environments. Some of the models we can find in the Alu13 catalogue are:

  •  Rigal: aluminium panel for armoured doors with schematic and elegant lines that evoke order and essentiality.
  •  Penrosal: with a unique handle design and three-dimensional effect, thanks to its geometric elements.
Pannelli in alluminio per porte blindate
Pannelli Alluminio Porte Blindate Alu 13 2
  •  Losangal: with stainless steel inserts on the entire panel creating a modern geometric design.
  •  Marial: with the characteristic black band detail and 2 stainless steel inserts, for a sober and elegant style.
Pannelli in alluminio per porte blindate
Pannelli Alluminio Porte Blindate Alu 13 2

Unique design ensured by aluminium and stainless steel inserts

Mas in its Alu13 catalogue line often features refined stainless steel inserts in its aluminium panels for armoured doors, giving a unique and special touch to Mas doors.

Stainless Steel consists of a group of iron alloys characterised on the one hand by the mechanical properties typical of carbon steels, and on the other hand by considerable resistance to corrosion, especially in humid air or fresh water. Hygiene, strength and durability are the key characteristics of the stainless steel inserts used by Mas. Various pantograph panels, gratings and handles feature the versatile and robust stainless steel that guarantees extreme resistance to corrosion and weathering. Stainless steel or aluminium inserts often characterise the very cutting edge of the unique and inimitable design conceived and proposed by Mas.

Therefore, Mas is always ready to fulfil the wishes of its customers by producing security door panels to meet any need, whether practical or aesthetic!

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