21 July 2022

Aluminium armoured door panels in the new Incisi line

 At Mas, quality raw materials and creativity in design come together to constantly shape new door panels with a refined and unique taste.

These elements can be found in the new Alu13 catalogue, where aluminium security door panels are the focus of various production treatments and combinations with other materials, all with the ultimate goal of creating models that offer the end customer a safe, durable, pleasant-looking product that adds that extra touch to the interior or exterior décor of a home or building.

Quality of aluminium security door panels in the new Alu13

In particular, aluminium is a metal with innumerable properties that becomes an excellent ally in the realisation of panelling for security doors, being practical and light in its maintenance, but at the same time robust and resistant, offering a high level of security.

In addition, the aluminium panels in the Alu13 catalogue boast of being:

  •  environmentally friendly, being made of natural metal and 100% recyclable;
  •  energy-saving, contributing to thermal and acoustic insulation. As aluminium is also water-repellent and highly resistant, it protects against wind and water. 

Features of the Incisi line

In Alu13's Incisi line we find a series of aluminium security door panels with a clean and sophisticated appearance that have undergone an interesting treatment. In fact, by milling the aluminium, a special processing technique that engraves the material to create geometric shapes and specific designs, together with the use of RAL lacquered colours, highly original panel models have been created.

A further feature of this line is the safety guaranteed by the thickness of the panels, about 20 tenths, which allows for greater resistance over time.

Among the most interesting models are:

  •  Atomal: 2mm aluminium security door panel with ral 5005 blue and aluminium inserts in simple geometric shapes such as circles and lines, but creating a high design model;
  •  Alanal: 2mm aluminium security door panel with ral 6025 green with sharp and precise perpendicular lines, intersecting each other to form squares and rectangles;
  •  Euleral: 2mm aluminium security door panel in ral 6021 green with sharp horizontal lines, which divide the model into several horizontal rectangles.
Pannelli Porte Blindate Alluminio Alu13

There are numerous models available of aluminium panels for armoured doors with a unique and refined style, also in the Incisi line of Alu13.

Click below and browse the entire catalogue!

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