21 July 2022

An extensive collection of aluminium panels for security doors in the Alu13 catalogue

Mas is always looking for new forms of expression that combine innovation and tradition in its products, through the use of cutting-edge technologies, modern production techniques and the use of materials with a great history and tradition, combining them with some of the most distinctive raw materials.

This trend finds ample space in the new Alu13 catalogue where aluminium panels for armoured doors signed Mas with a unique and inimitable design have been collected. In fact, aluminium is the real protagonist of Alu13 with its various reinterpretations and combinations with other materials such as copper, PVC or stainless steel, to offer its customers a wide range of models with a modern and functional taste.

The advantages of aluminium in Mas security door panels

In general, aluminium is a material with innumerable properties and is very versatile, used over the centuries in various fields such as transport, packaging, firearms, or in construction to create windows, doors, metal cladding, etc.

Known for its great weather resistance, this metal is unbreakable and corrosion-resistant. In addition, the aluminium panels for security doors in the Alu13 catalogue have the characteristic of being:

  •  environmentally friendly, being made from natural metal and 100% recyclable;
  •  energy-saving, contributing to thermal and acoustic insulation.

Scopri alcuni modelli dei pannelli in alluminio per porte di Alu13

Dalla linea Incisi, agli Spazzolati, fino ai Vetrati, il nuovo catalogo Alu13 offre una ampia scelta di modelli di pannelli in alluminio per porte blindate in grado di andare incontro a tutti i gusti, dalle linee più classiche a quelle più ricercate.

Di seguito, alcuni dei pannelli più interessanti presenti in Alu13:

Pannelli In Alluminio Per Porte Alu13
  •  Marial: pannello per porta blindata di ghisa con una fascia nera e due inserti inox che suddividono in 3 parti il pezzo conferendogli un aspetto pulito ma raffinato;
  •  Unoal: pannello in alluminio per porte blindate con inserto inox dalle linee schematiche e decise che richiamano ordine e semplicità;
Pannelli In Alluminio Per Porte Alu13
  •  Martinal: aluminium panel for armoured doors in satin dark MT18 divided into 3 parts by 2 stainless steel inserts creating a geometric play with elegant lines;
  •  Termal: pannello per porta blindata con vetro acidato e grata Quadrilobo verniciata corten per un tocco classico ma sofisticato.

Clicca qui e scopri tutti i modelli dei pannelli in alluminio per porte blindate presenti nel catalogo Alu13.

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