16 February 2023

10 things to know about Mas security door panels

We have collected the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers about security door panels, with the aim of clarifying some of the doubts you may have about our products and services. Below you will find the answers from our team of experts. 

1) Can I customise a panel for my front door?

Yes. In the production of security door panels, we take care of every detail, working with materials to create unique shapes and designs and offering tailor-made, custom-made solutions. This allows us to create exclusive, custom-made security door panels. 

2) How can I choose the most suitable material for the door of my house?

In Mas offriamo un'ampia scelta di pannelli in diversi materiali, dai grandi classici ai materiali più innovativi e moderni. Contattaci e sapremo consigliarti la soluzione più adatta a te!

3) Do you sell furnishings that can be combined with the panels?

Yes, in the Mas range of furnishing accessories we have a collection of wall hangers, partitions and handles, which easily fit into any type of space.

4) Is it possible to choose the handle to be installed on my panel?

Yes. As for the other elements, we give you the possibility to choose the best solution to match your panel, in our line of handles entirely designed and manufactured by us, from the most traditional to the most creative shapes.

5) Which panel is best suited for outdoor display?

A marine plywood panel with a water-based coating cycle among the wood species is among the most suitable for outdoor environments subject to weathering. Other materials such as stoneware, aluminium, corten and krion are also suitable for outdoor use.

6) What are the dimensions of a panel?

Generally, sizes range from a standard 90x210cm door to even over 3 metres in height, depending on the material used and the location. In the case of special requirements, please contact us.

7) Are your panels resistant?

Yes. In addition to guaranteeing the quality of the raw material, paint cycles guaranteed for up to 10 years can be used on the panels on request.

8) How does the panel delivery work?

We serve our customers by partnering with the prestigious courier TNT Express, which guarantees timely deliveries and quality service.

9) What happens if my panel arrives defective or broken due to transport?

The panel is immediately withdrawn. If possible, it is fixed, otherwise it is completely redone.

10) How can I maintain my panel?

We recommend frequent cleaning with a wax-based product (NO ALCOHOL) such as that used for furniture. If the panel needs more in-depth maintenance, a refresh is carried out, which consists of applying a new layer of paint over the entire surface of the panel. In this case, you can request a maintenance kit directly from us.

Did you not find the answers to your questions? Do not hesitate to contact us: write to commerciale@maspannelli.com for more information on our products!

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