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Water-repellent MDF

Water-repellent MDF is a wood-based medium-density fiberboard, with the characteristic of water-proofing.
For the production of this kind of panel several typologies of wood are used, mostly conifer wood: from roundwood to production wastes.
To produce water-repellent MDF we start from the roundwood, usually first peeled and then chipped using wood chippers.
Then it is selected and checked to eliminate potential bad-cut pieces, and then they proceed with the refining, that will transform the wood pieces in fiber. The refining happens through grinding in order to break the existing bonds and to form fiber paste, with water immersion, using steam and heat or chemical treatments based on alkaline substances that weaken the lignin bonds.
This operation can happen in two different kinds of producing:

  • through drying, when the exsiccation of fiber wood happens by hot air;

  • through moist (also known as felting through moist), using water as distribution mean of the mattress fibers, without using extra binders.

Water-repellent MDF in Mas

In Mas, water-repellent MDF is used in the “Pantographed” varnished panels collection