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Real Natural Stone

Real Natural Stone is a rock with diverse mineralogical composition, used as building material and as decoration.

Real Natural Stone characteristics

Every element of Real Natural Stone is unique thanks to unlimited color variations and to specific characteristics of every kind.
The unstable nature of this material allows that every time you see it, a new detail comes to lights, and it wasn’t noticed some instants before. In fact, the Real Natural Stone lives and improves in time, gradually modifying.

The Real Natural Stone:

  • can satisfy every need thanks to its variety of color and shape;

  • is strong, resistant to use and to atmospheric agents;

  • improves getting old, becoming more charming and charming along the time;

  • as natural material, is completely sustainable.

Real Natural Stone in Mas

In Mas, the Real Natural Stone is in the inserts of several panels in the “Pantographed” Collection, that allow to match the precious “Made in Italy” artisan workmanship to the characteristics of this kind of stone.
It is a unique product, with nothing similar on the market.
The Real Natural Stone in Mas is the range top of outside panels, thanks to its particular characteristic of being completely resistant to atmospheric agents.