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Stainless steel

Stainless Steel is the mix of iron alloys with, on one hand, the mechanical features typical of carbon steel, and on the other hand a considerable resistance to corrosion, almost in moist air or freshwater.
It was discovered by Harry Brearley from Sheffield, Great Britain, in 1913, when, while experimenting steel for gun barrels, he noticed that a steel sample with 13/14% of chromium and with carbon more than 0.25% didn’t rust if exposed to the air.

Stainless Steel characteristics

Stainless steel has this characteristics:

  • high resistance to corrosion;

  • great sanitary coefficient;

  • easy to clean;

  • high workability, forgeability and solderability;

  • work hardening if cold worked and not with heat treatment;

  • no re-magnetization in condition of annealing.

Stainless steel in Mas

In Mas, Stainless Steel is used for inserts in Pantographed panels, for gratings and handles.
Thanks to its features, our panels with stainless steel inserts have these characteristics that make this material particularly usable:
  • very long-lasting

  • easy to clean

  • extreme resistance to corrosion

  • great resistance to atmospheric agents

  • unique design.