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Solid Wood

TheSolid Wood is the natural essence, because it obtained by working the raw material..
Its particular variety of coloring, veining and different levels of intensity is because it comes from several woody species.
The more the Solid Wood comes from the heart of the trunk, the more precious it is.
This material doesn’t need particular preservative treatments, except for the woodworm treatment, and it has 10% average humidity (+/- 2%) with possible fissures due to exsiccation.

Solid wood characteristics

The solid wood is:

  • an ecological material, because it respects the eco-friendly design, as renewable and recyclable;

  • a long-lasting material, because if treated with woodworm treatment and if composed of top quality materials is has high durability and stability in time;

  • a precious material, because wood windows make the location they are installed in warmer and more comfortable, being itself a breathing material and so it is the industrial material closest to man;

  • a light and resistant material to curves, tractions and compressions;

  • it is ideal for renovations thanks to its intrinsic and extrinsic characteristics.

Solid Wood in Mas

Solidity and ecological well-being, healthy and precious wood worked with wisdom and skill. So a door in solid wood can have strong aesthetic and long-lasting values.
Because, like works of art, the more time passes, the more value a door in solid wood takes, and in the same time the more charm it gets.
A charm available in several essences that Mas has made available for its clients:

Compact wood with average hardness, easy to work, resistant to compression, curve, twisting and traction. With good hardness, it has a good inclination for not being scratched;


Precious wood and highly long-lasting, it has a good hardness, stability and durability. Furthermore, it can resist bad weather and atmospheric agents;

A light and precious wood, particularly resistant to atmospheric agents. It is a medium hard essence, with thick veining and not easy to work;

Tropical wood coming from the Central America big forests, it has high hardness, compactness and heaviness. In addition to the excellent workmanship, it is used because of its great resistance to parasites;

The exotic charm of the Equatorial Africa expresses in this wood coming from those far lands. In dark color, it becomes darker and darker over time. Easy to work, although it has high hardness, it will last a long time, with a good stability even at high temperature range, and a low shrinking during the aging;

Native tree in Europe before the last ice age, it is well preserved in North America. Back in Europe in 1828 by David Douglas, it has average hardness. It is quite pliable, considering the levels of heaviness, and workable on average;

Tipical tree of the equatorial Africa (Ivory Coast), it has almost the same characteristics as walnut. Particularly decorative, sometimes it has very nice blackish veining . Great to work, it is very stable when aged, as well as hard and heavy;

Common in the east area of United States, the tulip tree grows high and straight giving wood with high workability and stability. Whitish, it has evident veining with dark or greenish flames and land compactness;

Typical European wood, with good stability and workability. Common from the north of Apennines until Arctic Polar Circle, it is a wood that respond to highly sustainable behavior, because, especially in northern countries, the use and the management of pinewoods are considered as renewable energy since decades.

It is one of the heaviest and strongest wood, with high toughness and easy to break. Easily workable, but it has to be dried very carefully because it could distort and crack.


Highly sustainable because it is a wood that easily grows, and consequently its use doesn’t damage forests. Its wood has a great ability of heat conduction and holding, in addition to a good resistance to compression and a low sensibility to thermal leaps. Basically, it is a great insulation.