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The polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC, is the polymer of vinyl chloride.
It is the most important polymer of vynil monomer and it is one the most used plastic material in the world.

PVC characteristics

Pure PVC is a rigid material, and its versatility is given by the possibility of being mixed, also in high proportions, with inorganic compounds and plasticizer products.
If mixed with esters of phthalic acid, these become extremely flexible and moldable.
It is considered stable and safe in technological applications in room temperature, but it is extremely dangerous if burned or warmed with high temperatures and in unsuitable places (because of the presence of chlorine in its molecule).

PVC in Mas

Mas uses PVC in all the products of “Alu 13” collection, that, born as collection for armored doors in aluminum, today is available in this material (and in copper too).
PVC represents an innovative product in panels and door claddings, because of the models and the material.