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Marine Plywood

Marine Plywood is a material with phenolic or melamine gluing.
Marine Plywood is mostly used in navigation, because it is very utilized for structural parts, equipment and furniture. That’s because it gives durability to locations with high humidity.
It is one of the most precious and long-lasting materials wood-based, and its characteristics make him suitable for construction industry, especially when the location is very moist.

Characteristics and benefits of Marine Plywood

The benefits of Marine Plywood can be summarized in this list:

  • High durability also in locations with high humidity and salinity;

  • It mixes restrained weight to high mechanical characteristics;

  • Its price is quite restrained, but higher than classic multi-layer panels;

  • Like normal multi-layer panels, also marine plywood is easy to work.

Marine Plywood in Mas

The Marine Plywood used in Mas in Okoumè, a particular kind of highly resistant wood. Furthermore, other woods are used in veneer.
Marine plywood is used in the “Pantographed” panels collection and in “Marine Plywwod” front doors collection., and it is available in these essences:

It grows plentiful in the equatorial forests in Gabon, Congo and Equatorial Guinea. It is considered one of the most waterproof wood in the world, so it is almost resistant to mold and woodworms. Average weight, it is very long-lasting and doesn’t need particular treatments or protections;

It is a quite precious and long-lasting wood. It has good hardness, with a good durability and stability, and it is particularly resistant to bad weather and atmospheric agents;

Easy to work and with average hardness. Highly resistance to compressions, curves, twisting and tractions, it is hard to scratch;

From the Central America forests, this precious wood has high heaviness, hardness and compactness. Known for its excellent workmanship, it is particularly resistant to wood parasites;

In the category of semi hard wood, it has significant mechanical resistance, because it bends but it doesn’t break, being highly tough and flexible. Easy to work, but it needs particular treatments to be defensible from parasites, such as fungus, woodworms and coleopteran larva;

Average heaviness wood, back in Europe (when it was born, but then it disappeared after the last ice age) from North America by David Douglas in 1828. Considering its heaviness level, it is a quite pliable wood, workable on average;

Wood of a particular walnut tree coming from equatorial forests in Tanzania, it is not easy to work. The Aningeria wood is considered refined and luxury, and it can give value and class to the location it is installed;

It is common in south-east of United States of America, but you can find it also in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Greater Antilles. Its wood has average hardness and it is easy to work. Yellowpine wood is highly common in Marine Plywood panels.