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Glass is a material obtained through consolidation of a liquid without crystallization.
Glass is a formless solid, that can be assimilated by supercooled liquids with very high viscosity, with intermolecular bonds and internal conflicts that keep the shape intact for a very long time.

Glass characteristics

The glass is a transparent and hard material, as well as chemically and biologically almost inert.
With very smooth surface, it is used in many sectors.
But it is very fragile and it tends to break in sharp fragments.
These are, summing up, its main characteristics:
  • high transparency and hardness;

  • resistance to chemical agents (except for hydrofluoric acid);

  • low electrical conductivity;

  • it is considered a good insulation.

Glass in Mas

Mas, that uses glass as insert for its pantographed panels, since today has created “Glass” collection: a unique collection of panels for armored doors, because of its models and its materials.
Glass is fundamental news in the panorama of panels and door claddings, because of its models and its materials.
In Mas, glass, used as simple accessory in panels and claddings, it has now become a product, giving elegance and resistance.