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Copper is a metal that humankind use longer: some objects made by this metal are found dated 8.700 BC.
Copper is a pinkish or reddish metal, with very high heat and electric conductivity, just passed by silver. It is very resistent to corrosion thanks to a thin layer of oxidation, first dark brown then green or green-light blue, on the surface, and it is not magnetic.

Copper characteristics

Copper is a metal easy to eork, and it is extremely pliable and malleable. Its limit is to be not suitable for production with shavings removal because it has a quite pasty compactness.
It is easy recyclable and its wrecks have a high value of reclamation.
It can be mixed with other materials, in fact 400 metal alloys that contains copper are know.
These are, summing up, its main characteristics:
  • high electric conductivity

  • excellent heat conductivity;

  • unique antibacterial features;

  • specific aesthetic features (it is the only “coloured” metal, with gold) and corrosion resistance.

Copper in Mas

Mas, the same as for glass, today has created a Copper collection: a unique panel collection for armored doors, because of its models and its materials.
Copper is an innovative product through panels and cladding for doors, because of its models and its materials.
Its peculiarity to change through time the colour of its surface, that oxidises, means that there are not two alike products, creating a unique collection.