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Aluminium (Al) is a pliable silver-color metal, extracted by bauxite minerals, considerably soft, light and resistant to oxidation thanks to a very thin layer of oxide that impedes the oxygen to corrode the underlying metal.
Used in many industries for producing lots of different products, it is essential for some kind of industries: from the aerospace one to transports and buildings.

Aluminum characteristics

The main features of aluminum are:

  • low specific weight, about 1/3 compared with steel or copper alloys;

  • high heat and electric conductivity (2/3 compared with copper’s);

  • high plasticity

  • great pliability and ductility;

  • low heating power;

  • good solderability;

  • surface of the details treatable with anodic or protective oxidation, or alternatively aesthetic.

Aluminum in Mas: benefits

Practicality, safety, easy to maintain, lightness, strength and resistance: these are the characteristics of aluminum used in Mas for its cladding.
A natural and 100% recyclable with the following benefits:
  • practicality: it is light and easy to maintain;

  • safety, because it is strong and resistant.

Aluminum in Mas: eco-saving and sustainability

Furthermore, aluminum panels in Mas have the characteristics that today are the main requisite for every kind of product or service: eco-saving and sustainability, features that are necessary in an economic world more and more dedicated to preservation of resources for future generations and to environment respect.
So, Mas panels in aluminum:
  • are sustainable, composed of natural and 100% recyclable metal;

  • are eco-saving, contributing to thermal insulation and sound-proofing, being water-repellent and highly resistant to air and wind.