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Kharkiv, Ukraine

modelli personalizzati

We realize every planned model

Over the years, we as Mas used, in addition to Solid Wood, a lot of new materials for our realizations: Marine Plywood, Water-repellent MDF, Real Natural Stone, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Eco-leather, Glass, Copper and PVC.

And thanks to this plenty of materials, we can offer our clients the possibility of realizing every personalized planned model, so we can provide design interpretations in our products.

The taste of the Made in Italy

Products that have a merit more than their specific function, becoming symbols of a taste and “well-living” culture, bringing into play merits and culture that express our liberal arts history, of which Italians are the more real and current example.


Baroque Capital

Luxury and elegance that remember us one of the most sumptuous periods of our History

Classic Capital

The splendour of the dawn of modern history takes energy again

Simple Capital

Simplicity and linearity, for a design suitable for every kind of structure.

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Found out the design and the quality of Mas doors

Since 30 years design and quality are essential features for the creation of our products.
Attentive selection of materials, attention for details and support of the most modern technologies help us creating products with the highest quality standards.



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Style is the physiognomy of the spirit.

Arthur Schopenhauer